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Alligator, Sea shell and Shrimp boarder postcards

Some of our local postcards, from Greene NY area, Binghamton, Norwich, and Lisle NY
Greene NY Vioduck
Oxford NY Old Roller Mills Building
Whitney Point Academy

A sampling of antique floral buttons arranged in a nice victorian button template. Other buttons below include insect buttons, metal, antique black glass buttons inlaid mother of pearl buttons, oriental, enamel with many more beautiful buttons to list...
litho Button
gold figural Button
deer hunt
teddy bear button inlaid ivory

Pretty Lady Postcards
These are some newly listed Pretty Lady and Big Hat postcards. Truly beautiful and expertly illustrated pretty ladies from some of the best artist that produced them. These cards cover a wonderful span of time from early Art Nouveau through Art Deco periods covering the1900’s through the 1930’s, Illustrated, Real photo’s, hand colored/tinted, and unique beautiful ladies, pretty ladies postcards.

Below artists like Philip Boileau, Earl Christy, Meschini, and Harrison Fisher produced thousands of images for vintage postcards, most of them being heads and busts of women wearing extravagant hats.

This collection has a variety of these marvelous postcards.
Merry Widow Hat
Merry Widow Hat
Merry Widow Hat
Harrison fisher Old Home Farewell Signed Philip Boileau Bonne Annee Signed E. Colombo Pretty Lady Postcard Over The Teacup Harrison Fisher postcard The Sweet heart Signed Xavier Sager Postcard

Trade Cards
These beautiful antique die cut Trade cards are available in the Victorian Trade Card Section of our store.
Victorian Die Cut
In Victorian times, trade card scraps were extremely popular, which is why you can still find them today, some Trade cards we come across we wish they didn't cut but are so beautiful you can't help but find other uses for them.

Victorian Calling cards were very popular before the days of cell phones and email. These Victorian calling cards are beautifully illustrated with flowers, cats, dogs, ships, birds in wonderful detail.

scrapscrap scrap

Victorian Calling Card

Textiles Fabrics Buttons and Quilts

See the textile section for more photos of this wonderful Wool Crazy Quilt!


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